Control Codes

Public Repeater Control Codes

There are not very many control codes available to members of the general public; however, those that are available are published here.

Please note, when controlling the repeater or IRLP node, you MUST identify before sending any control codes. This is a requirement of the JPL ARC and the FCC rules Part 97.

Los Angeles Basin Repeaters
Trustee: Jim Lux W6RMK
Table Mountain Repeaters
Trustee: Bill Wood W6FXJ
JPL Repeaters
224.080-PL156.7 and 445.200-PL103.5
Function On Off
JPL-TMO Link *#9 *#0
220-440 Link 08201 08200
JPL Mesa Repeater
147.150+PL100.0 (103.5 on output)
No Public Commands
TMO 2M Repeater
No Public Commands
TMO 220 Repeater
Function On Off
JPL-TMO Link *#9 *#0
TMO 440 Repeater
No Public Commands
Codes that are shown in bold in the tables above are the normal default conditions.

IRLP/EchoLink Control codes

The IRLP/EchoLink Node is accessible from the JPL repeaters, both 224.080 and 445.200. Using the JPL-TMO link, the Node is also accessible from the TMO 223.960 repeater.

In order to control the Node from the TMO repeater once the JPL-TMO link is turned on, all that is necessary is to add an additional “” to the control code. i.e. To play the Wx report, use this command: *\839

IRLP/EchoLink Commands

DTMF Description
*820 Speak Current Time
*839 Play Weather Report
*840 Radio self-test (parrot)
*869 >Recall last connects and connect attempts
*8xxxx Connect to IRLP Node xxxx
*Axxxxxx Connect to EchoLink Node xxxxxx (4-6 digits)
*73 Disconnect IRLP/EchoLink Connection