2019-01-25 General Meeting

Attending: Steve Townes WB4ILW (President), Alexandra Holloway AE6IN (Vice-president), Chuck Sarture KG6NF (Tresurer), Chris Gaylord W6YTB (Emergency Communications Manager), Josh Miller KB3UUS (Member at large), Rob Smith W6GRV (Trustee), Perry Ramsey N9LFF, Florin Tudor KM6PTK, Costin Radulescu KI6OML, Mark Lysek AG6TD, Josh Vander Horne, Len Reder KB6DVG, and Lew Soloway AC6LS. Attending by phone: Mike Gauthier K6ICS, Chris Carson KE6ABQ, Bill Weber N6CI, and Robert Davis K6ITS. There was a quorum present.

Steve Townes WB6ILW called the meeting to order. Steve welcomed everyone, thanked the CY 2018 officers and introduced the CY2019 officers (see the presentation). Standard updates were given on Noon Net check-ins, Club bank balance, and NOTA (see presentation). The Secretary was absent so there was no update to the Membership numbers.

Steve gave a brief update on Club progress during the previous year, particularly the “completion” of the HF station in B329 and a charts & videos on Digital Mode Operation.

There followed a discussion of potential topics for future meetings and club activities:

  • Alexandra Holloway AE6IN suggested a session on getting kids interested in Ham Radio. How have other hams gotten their kids interested?
  • Mike Gauthier K6ICS suggested that we should provide opportunities for JPLers to “talk on the radio” as a way of getting them interested. This would also apply to kids per the above comments. It was noted that we have had JPLers bring their kids to field day.
  • Costin Radulescu KI6OML suggested a swap meet. A table at Field Day or even a virtual swap meet run by the Club.
  • Chris Gaylord W6YTB mentioned the possibility of a Technician License study class this summer.
  • Costin also suggested another round of “programming your handheld”.

The meeting was adjourned.