2018-03-09 Board of Directors Meeting

JPL ARC 2018-03-09 Board of Directors Meeting

Attending:  Steve Townes WB4ILW (President), Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA (Vice-president), Matt Bennett KF6RTB (Secretary), Chuck Sarture KG6NF, Chris Gaylord W6YTB (Emergency Communications Manager),  Arian Maleki KM6QPY, Mike Tope W4EF, Rob Smith W6GRV, Bob Dengler NO6B, and Dave Hodges KI6PMB.   We had a quorum.

Meeting Reports / Notes

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2018-02-09 Board of Directors Meeting

By Judy Greenberg, Jonathan Cameron

Present: Steve Townes WB4ILW, Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA, Jim Lux W6RMK, Bob Dengler NO6B, Lew Soloway AC6LS; and by phone: Chris Carson KE6ABQ, Walt Mushagian K6DNS, Dave Hodges KI6PMB. There was not a quorum since only two current club officers were present (the rest were on travel).


Steve welcomed the attendees and provided an update on Club business, what we will be doing this year, websites, etc.

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2018-01-12 BOD Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting,  January 12, 2018

By Steve Townes, Matt Bennett, Jonathan Cameron, Rob Smith, and Judy Greenberg

Present: Steve Townes WB4ILW, David Seidel KC6NRL, Bob Cesarone WA9JIB, Elias Barbinis KM6JEF, Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA, Rob Smith W6GRV, Chris Gaylord W6YTB, Matt Bennett KF6RTB, and by phone: Kathleen Harmon KM6GBY, Jim Marr AA6QI, and Chuck Sarture KG6NF. With five club officers and six regular members present, we had a quorum.

Meeting Notes
The incoming president, Steve Townes WB4ILW, appointed Chris Gaylord W6YTB as the Emergency Communications Manager and Joshua Miller KB3UUS as the Director at Large.

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