2018-01-12 BOD Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting,  January 12, 2018

By Steve Townes, Matt Bennett, Jonathan Cameron, Rob Smith, and Judy Greenberg

Present: Steve Townes WB4ILW, David Seidel KC6NRL, Bob Cesarone WA9JIB, Elias Barbinis KM6JEF, Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA, Rob Smith W6GRV, Chris Gaylord W6YTB, Matt Bennett KF6RTB, and by phone: Kathleen Harmon KM6GBY, Jim Marr AA6QI, and Chuck Sarture KG6NF. With five club officers and six regular members present, we had a quorum.

Meeting Notes
The incoming president, Steve Townes WB4ILW, appointed Chris Gaylord W6YTB as the Emergency Communications Manager and Joshua Miller KB3UUS as the Director at Large.

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