2019-02-22 General Meeting

In this General Meeting, Steve Townes WB4ILW gave a brief update on the club status.   Bob Dengler then gave a presentation on repeaters, including some details of how our JPL repeaters are set up.

Attending: Steve Townes WB4ILW (President), Alexandra Holloway AE6IN (Vice-president), Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA (Secretary), Josh Miller KB3UUS (Member at large), Rob Smith W6GRV (Trustee), Bob Dengler NO6B, Steve Doran KK6VFF, Mark Lysek AG6TD, Perry Ramsey N9LFF, David Seidel KC6NRL, Jan Tarsala WB6VRN. Florin Tudor KM6PTK, Josh Vander Horne, and Gerry Walsh KB6OOC. Attending by phone: Chris Carson KE6ABQ, Mike Gauthier KC6ICS, Dave Hodges KI6PMB, Walt Mushagian K6DNS, Steve Noland WA6KLC, and Michael Roche N6XLK.

Club Status Update

Steve Townes WB4ILW (President) gave a quick update on the status of the club. This included a membership update, an update on the club finances, the proposed 2019 budget, statistics of Monday noon net check-ins, a NASA On The Air (NOTA) update, and a review of upcoming presentations. The club secretary reported that as of 2/22/2019 we had 39 paid members and 28 voting members and six new members. For more details see his club status presentation:

2019-02-22 JPL ARC General Meeting Presentation

Repeater Presentation by Bob Dengler NO6B

Bob Dengler has been most of our repeater maintenance recently. He gave a presentation on our club repeaters. Before starting, he encouraged everyone to volunteer to help with radio communications for the Los Angeles Marathon on March 24, 2019. For more details, see his presentation and sign up at http://lamarathon.ham-radio-op.net.

In Bob’s presentation he reviewed what repeaters are and what they allow us to do. He described the history of repeaters in the area and at JPL in particular. he went into some detail on the current repeaters and the hardware involved at JPL as well as Table Mountain. For more details, see his presentation:

2019-02-22 JPL ARC Repeater Presentation by Bob Dengler NO6B

Bob finished up by demonstrating an SDR radio setup he has working on lab that can be accessed via the internet.