2018-11-16 General Meeting

After a welcome by Steve Townes WB4ILW, Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA announced the 2018 JPL ARC Holiday Dinner (details below). Then Chris Gaylord W6YTB gave a presentation on the JEARS participation in the Great Shakeout exercise (a summary of the presentation is given below). Following that, Rob Smith W6GRV gave a presentation on getting started with making contacts by satellite.  Rob also prepared an update on the JPL ARC participation in the NASA On The Air (NOTA) but did not have time to present it.  Links to both of Rob’s presentations are included below.

Attending: Steve Townes WB4ILW (President), Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA (Vice-president), Chuck Sarture KG6NF (Treasurer, by phone), Chris Gaylord W6YTB (Emergency Communications Manager), Josh Miller KB3UUS (Member at large), Bob Cesarone WA9JIB, Alexandra Holloway AE6IN, Greg La Borde KD6MSM, Brian Lee KM6ATB, David Seidel KC6NRL, and Rob Smith W6GRV. Attending by phone: Chris Carson KE6ABQ, Mike Gauthier KC6ICS, Kathleen Harmon KM6GBY, Dave Hodges KI6PMB, Jim Marr AA6QI, Walt Mushagian K6DNS, and Bill Weber N6CI.

JPL ARC 2018 Club Holiday Dinner!

We invite all JPL ARC members (past or present) and their guests to join us for the club Holiday dinner on Thursday, December 6, at 7-9pm. We will be meeting at the Coco’s in Arcadia at Foothill and Michillinda. The cost will be the cost of your item(s) + 30% (tax and tip) + $5 (to cover the speaker’s expenses). Please RSVP to Jonathan Cameron at Jonathan.M.Cameron@jpl.nasa.gov.

Today’s Talks

Talk 1: Summary of JEARS Great Shakeout Exercise

by Chris Gaylord, W6YTB (EmComm Manager, JPL Amateur Radio Club & JEARS Coordinator, JPL Protective Services – Emergency & Continuity Management Group)

The 2018 Great ShakeOut exercise took place on Thursday, October 18, 2018 testing the Lab’s response to a simulated 7.8 magnitude earthquake on the southern portion of the San Andreas Fault with an epicenter near the Salton Sea. In general, the exercise involved a Lab-wide duck, cover, and hold drill followed by full evacuation of all buildings, as well as activation of the Lab’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and other emergency response capabilities.

The JPL Emergency Amateur Radio Service (JEARS) was actively involved in the simulated response, participating in several key activities. A resource net was established and 9 JEARS members and 6 other licensed amateur radio operators checked-in. The net operated for the entire 2-hour exercise and included multiple accountability checks as well as message traffic with the Altadena Local Emergency Response Team (ALERT) gathering roadway status in Altadena.

JEARS response operations were managed in conjunction with the JPL Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) from a joint field incident command post in coordination with JEARS and DART representatives in the EOC. In particular, JEARS members were deployed to support emergency communications between the DART medical treatment area and the incident command post. The exercise allowed both JEARS and DART to practice working together and identified several areas to further develop in future training sessions and exercises.

Special thanks to Alexandra Holloway AE6IN for serving as Net Control and Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA for representing JEARS in the EOC, as well as Ethan Nelson KD5TQE, Nasrat Raouf K1NAR, and Carlyn Lee KM6UNN for staffing the EmComm support roles with DART.

Talk 2: Getting Started with Amateur Satellites

by Rob Smith W6GRV: