2018-11-02 Board of Directors Meeting

Chris Gaylord gave an update on our participation in the Great Shakeout Exercise.  There were updates on the HF capabilities in the Building 329 “Shack”.  We discussed how to improve our HF capabilities, including how to repair our HF antennas on the Mesa.   Steve Townes announced that there would be a work party on our next RDO Friday (November 9).

NOTE: The main JPL repeater on 445.20 MHz has switch to regular PL tones (103.5 Hz).  Please updates your radios.  The Repeater list on this website has been updated appropriately.

Attending: Steve Townes WB5ILW (President), Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA (Vice-president), Chris Gaylord W6YTB (Emergency Communications Manager), and Rob Smith WGRV.  By phone: Walt Mushagian K6DNS, Bill Weber N6CI, Dave Hodges KI6PMB, Mike Gauthier K6ICS, Mike Tope W4EF, Chris Carson KE6ABQ, and Dave Siedel KC6NRL.   We did not have a quorum.

After some discussion, we decided to have the last Board of Director’s meeting on the year on November 30 (instead of the first non-RDO Friday in December).

Jonathan Cameron volunteered to arrange a JPL ARC Holiday dinner in the first week of December.  It has been several years since we have had a club holiday dinner.  Those present thought it was a good suggestion.   Please plan to attend!