2018-07-13 Board of Directors Meeting

The JPL ARC Board of Directors met on July 13, 2018.  The meeting had presentations of the results of Field Day (by Jim Marr AA6QI) and an update on our NASA On The Air (NOTA) operations (by Rob Smith W6GRV).

Attending: Mike Gauthier K6ICS, Chris Carson KE6ABQ, Jim Marr AA6QI, Bill Weber N6CI, Chuck Sarture KG6NF, Walt Mushagian K6DNS, Dave Hodges KI6PMB, Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA, Rob Smith W6GRV, and Josh Miller KB3UUS.  There were not four officers present and five regular members present so there was not a a quorum.

Meeting Reports / Notes

Jonathan Cameron gave a brief update on club activities including a recap of recent Monday Noon net check-ins.  We have had several low-attendence nets recently, so we encourage you to tune in and checking on Mondays at noon.

NASA On The Air (NOTA) Update

Rob Smith W6GRV gave an update on JPL’s participation in NOTA.  We are doing very well, largely because of enthusiastic participation of Mike Gauthier K6ICS and Rob Smith’s hard work!  Here is a PDF of his presentation:   NOTA-Status-2018-07-13

2018 Field Day Comments

Jim Marr AA6QI presented a summary of how we did in the field day a few weeks ago.  (We did well!).    Please see his presentation  for more details:  FD2018-Comments-for-JPLARC-BOD-R2