2018-06-15 Board of Directors Meeting

The JPL ARC Board of Directors met on June 15, 2018.  The focus of the meeting was last minute Field Day Preparations.

Attending: Steve Townes WB4ILW, Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA, Chris Gaylord W6YTB, Gary Block KJ6IZX, Mike Gauthier K6ICS, Eric Shalov KF6ARC, Dave Hodges KI6PMB , Rob Smith W6GRV, Chris Carson KE6ABQ, Merv Macmedan N6NP, Stan Sander N6NO, Joshua Miller KB3UUS.  There were four officers present and five regular members present so there was a quorum.

Meeting Reports / Notes

Jonathan Cameron reviewed the current status of the field day preparations based on material and checklists provided by Jim Marr AA6QI.

The only official motion was to re-approve the guest membership for Nancee Darling K8NBD, and honorary membership for Randy Hammock KC6HUR for the 2018 calendar year.   It was unclear from the bylaws that this was necessary on a year-to-year basis for the honorary membership, but since annual re-approval is necessary for guest memberships, we decided to re-approve both of their memberships to avoid any questions.   The motion as carried by unanimous acclamation.