2018-03-23 General Meeting

JPL ARC 2018-03-23 General Meeting

After a welcome by Steve Townes, Courtney Duncan N5BF gave a talk: “Working Out the 23 cm EME Band”.   He discussed his Earth-Moon-Earth communication activities in the 23 cm (~1.2 GHz) amateur radio band during the 2014-2017 period.   A link to his presentation is included here.

Attending: Steve Townes WB4ILW (President), Jonathan Cameron KF6RTA (Vice-president), Chuck Sarture KG6NF (Treasurer, by phone), Josh Miller KB3UUS (Member at large),  Jim Erickson K6PGC, Dustin Lagoy KC1EMU, Rob Smith W6GRV, Bob Dengler NO6B, Kathleen Harmon KM6GBY, Eric Archer N6CV, and Elias Barbinis KM6JEF.   By phone: Chris Carson KE6ABQ, Mike Gauthier K6ICS, Jim Marr AA6QI, Eric Shalov KJ6ARC, Mike Tope W6EF, and Arian Maleki KM6QPY.

Courtney Duncan N5BF presentation on working Earth-Moon-Earth contacts using the 23cm band. Click on the image to see the presentation.