Logging laptop set up in the Building 329 Shack

We now have a functional laptop for logging set up in the Building 329 shack.

It has the N3FJP Amateur Contact Logging software installed (using the license that Matt recently negotiated).   So we to make contacts in 329 and log them in the shack.  Don’t forget to provide you log files to Rob Smith so they can be incorporated into the NOTA logging records.

The laptop is decent but not very fast by today’s standards (Dell Vostro 1520).   It has a new install of Windows 7 Pro and includes a number of free software programs on it including Firefox, Chrome, Gimp (image editing), LibreOffice (open source MS Office replacement), FileZilla, 7zip, Notepad++ and more.   All windows updates have been applied and it is using Windows Essentials for antivirus checking.

We have set it up to use the JPL Guest Wifi for internet connectivity.    I’ve also tried hooking it up to the mesh network in 329 and that works fine (although you must disconnect the Wifi first).

WARNING:  Do not plug this computer into any JPL Ethernet port/drop!   We do not have any arrangements with JPL IT to allow this.   For internet connectivity, you must use the JPL Guest Wifi.