JPL ARC Purchased New ICOM IC-7300

Steve Townes (WB4ILW) tries out the new ICOM IC-7300 radio in Buildign 329
Steve Townes (WB4ILW) tries out the new ICOM IC-7300 radio in Building 329

Since we are having problems with our Yaesu FT-1000s, and a new radio purchase was approved in the 2018 club budget, we purchased a new ICOM IC-7300 radio last Friday.   We set it up and were able to try it out and it works well.

The IC-7300 is quite a bit smaller than our old Yaesu FT-100s.   But it is a good radio and seemed to perform quite well when we tested it.   It uses a very intuitive touch-screen interface.  We do not have the PPT foot switch or the Heil headphones working yet, but we hope to get them set up for it soon.

If you are interested in trying it, and you not familiar with this radio with its touch-screen interface, I encourage you to watch a You-tube video.  For example:

You may want to take a quick read through the user manual, which you can download from the Official ICOM IC-300 site.    The basic one may be all you need since the operation is very intuitive once you understand a few basics, which are covered in the Basic manual.

After posting this news, we got some feedback from Elliott H. Liggett:

Congratulations on the IC-7300 purchase. This radio is really something else, hard to even compare with others. We have one at home and I love it, sold almost all my other radio stuff because of it. The USB interface is also really great. You can set the bandwidth in “DATA” mode to 4 khz and then operate digital modes very easily. We’re using fldigi here with a raspberry pi with great success on CW and PSK31. I think you will find yourself missing the FT-1000 less and less over time.
 –E W6EL