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General Information...

bulletDo you want to find out more about ham radio? This site has some excellent information!
bulletVisit the ARRL web page for beginners


bulletLooking for ham radio software? Try this site!

Clubs & Organizations...

bulletThe American Radio Relay League is on the web.
bulletARRL Southwestern Division Home Page
bulletFor Amateur Satellite information, check out the AMSAT Home Page.
bulletThe Amateur Radio Newsline is on the web.
bulletThe Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Organization is on the web.

Other NASA Center Amateur Radio Clubs...

bulletThe Ames Research Center Amateur Radio Club web site
bulletThe Langley Amateur Radio Club is on the web
bulletThe Glenn Amateur Radio Club is also on the Web
bulletThe Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club has a web site

Interesting Sites...

bulletThe Wikipedia has information on the Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment.
bulletNeed to lookup a callsign? This page is updated daily.
bulletJPL ARC Interactive Southern California Repeater Lists.
bulletThe website Become a Storm Spotter has information about storm spotting, including skywarn and severe weather safety.


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Updated May 1, 2017